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Speaking, Coaching and Resources for Drama Free Relationships in your Personal and Professional Life.

Eric Stephenson

Eric Stephenson

My core purpose is to help people decrease the amount of unnecessary suffering they are experiencing in their personal and professional relationships. I call the cause of much of that suffering – Drama.

Drama increases stress, ruins relationships, and eats away at that one precious commodity none of us can afford to waste – time. My assertion is that drama precludes stress and is the cause, not the effect, of the majority of negative outcomes stress produces.

Let me show you how to identify and ditch the drama within yourself, at work and in your relationships. 

Eric’s Causal Model of Drama Impact:
With all our modern day stressing about stress, we’ve gotten things completely mixed up: drama isn’t just some side effect of unproductive stress: it’s often the root cause.


Our work is grounded in the following core values:

  • Unconditional Positive Regard – building an emotionally secure environment, free from judgment of self and others
  • Facing the Facts/Truth telling – making decisions based in reality rather than assumptions and denial
  • Non-Reactivity – using emotional intelligence to control the fight/flight response of the nervous system
  • Presence – regulating one’s attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance
  • Drama Free Communication – a learned model for dealing with any type of challenging or difficult conversation
  • Clear Boundaries and Agreements – establishing inner/outer parameters for navigating personal and professional relationships