Are You Suffering From “ME-itis”?

“People are not interested in you. They are interested in me. They are interested in themselves- morning, noon and after dinner.” – Dale CarnegieiStock_000006962110_Small






I theorize most of the drama in our culture arises from an unhealthy preoccupation with the self, what I affectionately call: “ME-itis”. Others have labeled this “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM).

The concept of being “self-centered” usually falls into two camps:

  1. Self-care- I take care of myself so I can evolve into the fullness of my human potential and be of service to those around me.
  2. Self-absorption- I see the world through my own ego needs. People, places and things are a means to an end.

Understandably, most of us fall into either camp on any given day (or somewhere in-between) and certainly, unchecked self-care can turn into narcissism. Self-absorption leads to DRAMA. Becoming conscious of our present focus is the key to escaping drama and maintaining a healthy concept of self-care.

This is one pathology with a known cure.


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