You Can’t Reason With Crazy


This week, I had to deal with crazy.

Crazy comes in many forms: jealousy, control, shame, bullying, deceit, dishonesty and blame to name a few.

Learn to recognize crazy. Trust your gut and identify it for what it is. Name it. Then make an important choice.

Crazy requires participation- your participation. It feeds on your reaction to it. It beckons you to contribute in the drama. When there is no reaction to crazy, it has a far better chance of losing its hooks.

When non-reaction is not a strong enough tactic, draw your sword and set clear personal boundaries around what you will and will not stand for. Speak your mind, even if the sword shakes.

In my experience, one of two outcomes are likely. Your strong boundary will cause a shift in the dynamic of the relationship, like a bully that has been finally called out. Or the relationship will end. Standing up to crazy always requires the recognition that loss could be imminent and it’s a risk you are willing to take.

This week I dealt with crazy. I can’t reason with crazy.

Can you?




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