Before the Thunderbolt


“Whoever sees clearly what is diseased in himself begins to gallop on the way. There is nothing worse than thinking you are well enough.” -Rumi

Drama in our life often feels like a thunderbolt, coming out of nowhere and rocking our world- the family relationship that turns sour, the blow-up with a co-worker, the explosive anger directed at a stranger in traffic. Truth is, like the thunderstorm, conditions for most forms of drama have been brewing for quite some time.

At the heart of all flourishing relationships is trust. Everyone wears an invisible sign around their neck that says: “Do you trust me?” It’s easy to give lip service to the idea of trust and understand it conceptually, but to truly embody it as a human is not so easy- to be a living, breathing example. It requires authenticity, courage, vulnerability and transparency- the kind that makes your heart race and your knees shake.

Drama begins to subside when we ask ourselves: “What is my role in this?” As Rumi might say, where is my “dis-ease”?

There is nothing worse than thinking you are well enough…

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