I work in the fast paced and often stressful industry of advertising production.  In a day, I often interact with dozens and dozens of varying personalities and am responsible for helping these personalities work well together toward a common goal in a short amount of time.

Before Eric’s seminar, I thought I was fairly good bringing people together and getting a job done cohesively and with minimal stress.

During Eric’s presentation: “Creating a Drama Free Workplace”, I realized I often tip-toe around the “pink elephant in the room” and this results in unneeded stress, less than ideal interactions and inefficiencies on the job.  I realized I had a growth opportunity.

After applying Eric’s simple steps for addressing conflict, I was amazed how quickly uncomfortable situations have gone away on production and in daily life.  By implementing Eric’s steps, I’ve learned to help people work together more efficiently and more productively, saving dollars and enjoying the process.

Eric’s solutions are simple and powerful.  If life has taught me anything, it’s that good solutions are always simple.  The challenge in any situation, is removing the veil of complexity created by drama and finding the simple solution.  Eric’s “Creating a Drama Free Workplace” presentation is that simple solution.

Senior Producer
Durham, NC