The Case for a Drama Free Workplace

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Does your organization suffer from dangerous drama levels? Snarky employees. Perpetual tardiness. Chilly relations. Simmering negativity.  Drama: It is not just something plaguing reality TV stars- it is rubbing off on us all. Professionally and personally, it is spiking up stress levels, corroding relationships, and chewing away at precious resources of time, money, and sanity.

Bring on the Good News!!! In this engaging, head-scratching, why-didn’t-I-see-it-coming presentation, Eric Stephenson is out to prove that within all our modern-day stressing about stress, we have gotten things completely mixed up: drama is not just some side-effect of stress, it is the root cause. His assertion is: “Drama is the business disease of the 21st century”- where drama creates stress, and stress drains your organization of precious time and money.

Join Eric Stephenson—“The Drama-Free Guy” and learn about:

  • The dangerous link between drama and dollars. Learn Eric’s causal model linking drama to stress, negative outcomes, and dollarized costs.
  • Becoming part of the 14% of people comfortable addressing conflict. Learn to deploy the Drama-Free Communication Model to put an end to problems that “just won’t go away.” Stop uncomfortable situations and address the pink elephants in the room before they trample your company’s culture.
  • Creating a drama-free workplace. Learn the framework for drama-free leadership, a set of timeless principles that minimize drama and stop the depletion of talent, time, and capital.
  • How to pinpoint the source of the drama. Learn how some leaders unintentionally impose pain on their employees, escalating drama and undermining their best intentions—and what to do about it.

Designing a Drama Free Life

Do you find yourself getting lost in your own or other people’s drama, suffering and chaos? Are you being drained by hassles, headaches, and heartbreak? The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, the top five diseases in the world will have their root cause in one word: STRESS! There has been a major focus over the last 5 years around becoming “green” within business to benefit our environment. Learn how to turn your focus to “greening” your internal environment and personal relationships by addressing one of the biggest root causes of unnecessary stress – DRAMA!

The brutal truth is: “All of the drama in your life begins and ends with you!” Let Eric Stephenson show you how to ditch the drama in all areas of your life – at home, work, within your extended family, in your community – all by learning an approach grounded in our core values of Presence, Unconditional Positive Regard, Non-Reactivity, Truth-Telling, Clear Boundaries/Agreements and Drama Free Communication. It’s time to stop wasting precious time and energy on people and situations that might not change – unless of course, you do.

MAN-DRAMA – 5 Strategies for Women Dealing With the Male Ego

Women have been unfairly branded in pop-culture as “Drama Queens.” Historically, men have created much more drama than women – drama that has left the Big 3 E’s – the Economy, Ethics and the Environment in peril. Today, women hold more power politically and economically than at any point in history and it will be up to women to protect men in this new world order. They will need to teach men how to survive and thrive in a society that puts more and more value on feminine characteristics where unchecked masculinity will be seen as a liability. In this hilariously entertaining look at dealing with the male energy in your life, Eric Stephenson combines humor and research to deal with his seven caricature male archetypes: The Peacock, The CEO, The Mamas Boy, The Bad Boy, The Feeler, The Politician and The Jock. Learn to identify and manage the male energy in your life- and who is causing the real drama out in the world.

*This presentation is ideal for a women’s convention or gathering.